Tuna Can With Hood Open


The focus of our stay in San Antonio was to eat with Teresa and Chris, see Junior Brown live, and get the coach serviced. Number 3 was addressed today as Marie and I got up, broke camp, and boogied to Billy Bob’s. I had called last week to set up an appointment and we were there by 0850. The service writer wrote me up and we went to breakfast. The bottom pic is the $700 in parts, sans fluids. The coolant hose that looks like a 5 armed octopus was $195. Living in one is not as cheap as I thought it would be. After breakfast we went for a car ride. We got back to Billy Bob’s about 1400 and checked in on the progress. Then we went upstairs and sat in comfy recliners, watching DIRECTV in HD. Finally, they were finished. They drove around the corner and back to check the fluids and connections. Everything was OK and after I paid the bill, Marie and I headed back to camp. Marie was running on empty, so after we set up, I went to the camp office to order a pizza and wings to be delivered to our site. The 2 bags of ice I brought back were $2.90 each. What a gouge! We finally ate, and the pizza was extra delicious. When you’re tired and hungry, even OK pizza is fabulous.

Today’s Breakfast


Marie and I dropped the coach off this morning for service. It was only 0900 and it was breakfast time. We tried Cracker Barrel first. We waited a good 5 minutes for a hostess to seat us, then we waited 15 solid minutes for coffee. Nobody came, so we got up and on our way out I asked for the manager, but he was as indifferent as his crew. So, we left. They were not busy, nor were they understaffed. 2 miles up the highway was IHOP.  Normally,  I’m not a big IHOP fan, but it was time to eat. We got seated right away, and within 30 seconds we had coffee and menus. Our server was Chris, and he really took care of us. When we told him what happened at Cracker Barrel,  he shook his head and said he’s heard a lot of that. Our food came in a hurry and it was extra tasty this morning. As we left, I told the GM how happy I was with the food and service, and I pressed a Dixie ($10 bill) into Chris’ hand and thanked him for the great service.

Chico The Jail Break Dog


After dinner, I took Chico for a walk around the park. We went to the clubhouse and I looped the leash around a big stand up ash tray. I went inside and within seconds he had pulled the ash tray over and was just like Tuesday, gone with the wind. One of the staff came up in a golf cart and we followed the other campers who were helping us track him down. Sure as shit, he ran back to camp and was on the road right in front of the coach. He didn’t want to obey right away, but he finally jumped in the coach. I snouted him a bit but all was good when I sat back down to listen to the rest of the A’s,  Chico jumped right into my lap.  He’s such a dog!

Chico And I Enjoying The Day


Marie took Chico to the groomer before we left Victoria. He wigs out when he realizes where he is, but when picked up, he struts out of the groomer like his shit doesn’t stink. I’m growing my Sharks playoff beard, as long as the Sharks are in the playoffs, I won’t shave in support of my beloved Sharks. The players do the same thing in the NHL.

Notice The Foliage

The satellite for the TV and radio is in the southern sky. Very rarely during our journey has the tree coverage blocked the DIRECTV signal, but here in spot D8 I’m shutout for TV. I guess it is a good thing we decided to winter back in Victoria instead of here in San Antonio. Take today, for example. The Warriors and A’s are on right now, and the Sharks come on later tonight. Normally, I’d be inside watching sports, but with no DIRECTV, instead I’m sitting outside on a beautiful day listening to the Warriors radio broadcast on the Sirius. The park is pretty big, and the spots are nicely spaced. Camping in the trees is quite nice, it feels more like camping should feel. Chico is so wanting to catch himself a squirrel, they’re everywhere.