Tonight At The Bees Game

I trief to go to the Friday night game at Smith’s Ballpark in Salt Lake City, but fate and fireworks intervened. The traffic was incredible, especially near the ballpark. There’s no real parking lot so the surrounding businesses sell parking in their lots. (They do this in Birmingham AL as well) I pulled up to the parking gal and though the sign said $7, she advised me that the parking was $20, due to the fireworks. I told her I didn’t want to be at fireworks night, so I took a leisurely drive back to camp, adding to my cuppa collection.
Fast forwsrd to Saturday night. While driving by the ballpark on Friday, I noticed a trolley station a short block away. I got on line and saw that the 1739 trolley goes right to the ballpark station. There’s a station kitty corner to the campground, and I was waiting for said trolley by 1725. Sadly, there were track issues on our line and that put the line into delay. Our trolley showed up at 1812, and I still made it to my seat by the National Anthem. The game between Sacramento (the Giants AAA team) and Salt Lake (Angels) was competitive. The Rivercats pitcher was dominant through 7, while the Bees starter lasted only 4 innings. The Cats had a 4-1 lead into the 8th, but the Bees strung a couple of hits together and put up 2 runs to make the score 4-3 Cats. And that turned out to be the final score. They drew 11.9k for Friday’s game and 11.2k for Saturday’s game. The Bees seem to have a good thing going, nice ballpark, trolley access, devoted fans. What a deal!

Third Period Action

Somehow, I deleted the second period pics before posting them here. The Reign scored early on a nice short handed one on one against the Heat goalie. The Heat turned around and scored on that same power play, then scored three more in the period to go up 5-1 after two.
The third period showed more scoring promise when the Heat scored in the first minute. Answering back, the Reign added one on the power play to make the scote 6-2, which was the final score. But, there were plenty of hard hits and jaw jacking that escalated into fisticuffs later in the game and right after the final horn sounded. Makes for a good game.
This was the second Wednesday game we’ve gone to and neither one drew well. So, we were able to get our cards for a free McDonald’s breakfast sandwich on our eay out. (I have three in the console of the car.) The parking garage was pretty empty and traffic was light. (On Friday and Saturday nights we wait 20+ minutes just to get out of our parking stall) We got back to camp in a jif and we live to fight another day.

Posing With Frankie

Both Marie and I were lethargic getting ourselves to the gym this morning. She hasn’t been at the top of her game for a week or so. On Sunday, she felt so lousy we skipped the game, even though we had already bought tickets. Come time for a decision about tonight and Marie sucked it up and we went to the post office to mail some letters, then to Chick-fil-A for dinner. I’ve said this before, I disapprove of their hatred of LGBT people, but the food is good, the staff is unfailingly polite and they have diet lemonade to drink, which helps my no caffeine late pledge. There’s not much of a turnout tonight, I guess Wednesday is not a big draw.

Dinner At The Habit

I’ve heard about The Habit from my dad and others on Facebook. There’s one in Stockton in the next lot over from In N Out on March Ln. Marie ordered a teriyaki burger with onion rings. She pronounced them both delicious. I had the BBQ bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. I added a second patty which they forgot. I noticed that only after I had eaten half of the burger, which was tasty. I think I like 5 Guys better and In N Out always will be special. When I asked Marie if she liked In N Out better, she said that they didn’t have a teriyaki burger. Since I believe in the adage “Happy Wife Happy Life” I suspect we will be making a Habit of it.

Wednesday Night Hockey

There’s hardly a soul at tonight’s Heat game. The crowd reminds me of a Ports Billy Hebert crowd. I’ve never thought of Stockton as a big sports town, though the hockey usually draws better than this. The Heat look much better tonight against the Texas Stars. They’re the Dallas Stars top farm team and they play in Austin. Long time readers may remember Marie and I attending a few games in the Austin area. Anyway, ┬áthe Heat scored three unanswered goals to go up 3-0 after one.

Empty Netter Seals Condors Victory

At the end of the game the Heat pulled their goalie for an extra attacker. This strategy failed, as the Condors scored an empty net goal with about 30 seconds left. Even though our beloved Heat lost both last night and tonight, Marie and I are happy going to the games. We had pizza at Michael’s in Stockton, and it was every bit as good as when we lived in Stockton and Michael’s was our go to spot for pizza. Next game is Wednesday night.