AT&T Something Or Other


In another case of knowledge lost, I thought the Spurs still played at the Alamodome. AT&T Center, or something, is their home these days. Anyway, here’s the building. And this is the only picture I took with my Canon. After the metal detector nonsense, the security guy said because the lens detatches from the body, it is a “professional” camera and not allowed in. What? Complete bullshit. I walked back to the car bewildered. I took a few pics with Marie’s camera, but the WordPress software isn’t seeing the folder with the pics.

Hondo PD Unit


Notice the car number is 714, Joe Friday’s badge number.

By this time we were heading back to San Antonio. We turned onto Loop 1604 and found a Whataburger for dinner. Both Marie and I were starting to fade. I was going to stop at H-E-B, but as I felt lousier I made the executive decision to go straight to the hotel. Fortunately, I brought enough fizzy waters to last tonight. Tomorrow, the hockey starts at 1600. I’ll take a pic or two of the outside and we’ll go on inside. The Rampage Ice Girls dance team pose for pics before the game by the entrance doors. Of course I can’t pass up a chance for a pic with my happy mug in it.