Raiders Need To Move

I think one taxpayer built stadium is enough for the A’s and Raiders. Granted, the Coliseum dates from 1966 or so, but the Raiders are expecting a free stadium built by taxpayer dollars. If you’re not going to the games in person, where does it matter where you play? Selfishly, if the Raiders move south, they become the must carry games on the local LA stations. This matters, because I get the national networks out of LA on my DirecTV and the games wouldn’t be blacked out as they are now for me. Admittedly, selfish reasoning, of which I plead guilty.

Wouldn’t Pray For Me

The weather has been nice in the Crossroads of Texas. The other day I was sitting outside enjoying the day when a neighboring camper came over and sat down.┬áThis life can be conducive to conversation, and it came up tht he was a traveling pastor for over 60 years. He got around to asking me my beliefs and I told him gently, but in no uncertain terms, that I’m an Atheist.

The Pastor expressed Bible quotes about things, but he didn’t have a Plan B for my replies. I basically told him that the Bible was myth and not evidence. He then told me that he wasn’t going to pray for me unless I asked him. That was never going to happen. Usually, Christians pray for me when they figure out I’m not one of the flock. I found it odd that this one made it clear he wasn’t going to pray for me without my request. We shook hands and he left. He’s since left the campground.