Here’s The Nicer One

I took film in this one and forgot to take pictures. When I went back the coach was full of people, negating the picture opportunity. This one had a king bed and was really nice inside. Even the garage had a half bath. And two queen beds that came down from the ceiling. The boondocking capability of this coach was top notch. Both of us really liked this one. What we really like is that the ramp to the garage turns into a patio. How awesome is that!

Sharp 69 GTO


My old family member Larry J had a green one. It was cool to drive, I had a permit when he bought it and he let me drive a few times near his house. I don’t know what happened to it since Larry’s death in a motorcycle accident.
Actually, I don’t know what happened between the J’s and me. My step dad just quit calling me and he wouldn’t return my calls. Finally, I call and he’s home. His wife said , “You’re going to talk to him this time,” and he gets on the phone, just to tell me he’s too busy to talk. And that’s the last thing he’s ever said to me. Another Christian stab in the back.