Here’s A Story

I worked with a guy, Bob M, who was from New York, with a mild accent and the whole bit. I never heard for sure how he couldn’t keep a car, who knew for sure. Well, you can figure it out. When people are waiting for you in the parking lot at 0330 after work…
Anyway, I’m watching the phone after the press run and it is almost time for the crew to go home. Suddenly, Bob burst in and says, “call 911, my car’s been stolen.” Then right away he says, no, never mind, and he heads out the door. A half hour later, and mind you this is 0400, his wife comes into the lot and in he jumps to be whisked away.
Ok, here’s the backstory. We had a fleet of cars as well as the trucks. The key control was lax, and Bob had helped himself to a car. I knew the car was missing, but Bob had been parking in the editorial lot when he would come to work so nobody would see him.
Well, someone noticed the missing car and moved the car to our side of the building, then put on The Club to freeze the steering wheel. Bob notices the car missing and walked briskly, (after all, no Teamster runs) back to the office. That’s when he burst in. He had free use of a car for months. I figured Bob was crazy like a fox as the car was probably due for service.


Yoga Is Helping

Today was the 4th yoga class Marie and I have attended. The Tu-Th class is led by Sheri and the Friday class is led by Dennis.

The focus is a bit different. Sheri’s classes last the full 45 minutes and she works on balance and posture. Today I worked hard enough to break a sweat. Sheri also works on relaxation and inner peace. I feel a bit calmer after her class, and Marie agrees with me.

Dennis’ class is only 35-40 minutes and his focus is a touch different from Cindy’s. There’s not much difference, I think it is a matter of personal preference. I like them both.

I think the yoga is well worth our time. My lumbar screams in class, but once I’m home I feel very relaxed and at peace.


Almost Done With Travel Plans

We’re leaving in May and I’ve got our itinerary mapped out until our arrival at Flag City in August. My oldest niece, Janelle, her son Zander has his birthday the first week of the month and we want to be there.

Also, George wants me to make time for research about our impending trip to Europe in September.

Highlights include two weeks at Smithville Lake, a month in Colorado, a week in Elko, a week in Boise and a week in Coos Bay before arriving at our destination at Flag City. All the camping has been reserved except for Smithville and the odd travel day.