Today’s Drive Across Kansas

Marie and I drove over 400 miles today, our longest drive to date. I had the dash cam running the whole time, but the problem is that the 32GB microSD card isn’t big enough to capture the entire day. When this happens, the cam records over the oldest files. So, I lost the first two hours of the drive. Still, there’s 6 minutes of video to look at. The finished file is too large to post on WordPress, so I created a YouTube account.

Here’s yesterday’s clip

First Movie Clip From New Dash Cam

Joe Test 1

I bought a dash cam on Amazon last week, and I fiddled with it over the weekend. I edited down about 85 minutes of raw video to a 53 second clip. It took me over 5 hours to create, I had to find software that was .mov compatible, then self teach how to use it (it turns out I need a mouse, thanks to Marie for digging hers up), then edit and create. Take a look and tell me what you think.