My Travel Family In The Bakery

Down the block from the cathedral we found this bakery. It smelled heavenly, so the three went inside for treats. I had croissants for breakfast and I’m trying to not fill up on carbs, as they convert to sugar and I’m fighting that. Anyway, George raved about the croissants and Shannon liked hers as well. Mark brought me out a bread half with pizza like toppings. It wasn’t bad. Shannon bought two apple croissants and she guarded them like the gold at Fort Knox.

A French Military Disaster

At this part of the Maginot Line, the French lost 140 men when a German shell hit the fresh air pumps and the men all suffocated. This happened in May, 1940. This memorial is way out in rural France, it took us a bit to get back on the motorway. We saw pretty French and Belgian countryside, but the twists and turns started to make me carsick. We couldn’t get back to the hotel soon enough. I lied down and took a 2.5 hour nap, which helped things exponentially. Tomorrow we are breaking camp and though we have a full day planned, I’m not sure, outside of Verdun, what our other plans are. George has done an excellent job of planning this adventure of a lifetime, so there’s never a day unplanned. Even a driving day like tomorrow still provides opportunity for pictures.