One Of The Greats


We hadn’t planned on a week here in San Antonio for the coach serviced. I had planned on boondocking at Billy Bob’s and staying another week in Victoria. But, Marie discovered that the great Junior Brown would be in Goerne at the Goerne Dance Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas. Of course I got right online and secured us tickets. We hashed around driving to San Antonio for the show, getting a hotel, then going home the next day. Then, we would drive back to a San Antonio a few days later. I thought about it, and suggested we leave Victoria a week early and leisurely spend a week in San Antonio. I wanted to try the park out anyway, so it was an easy call. Anyway, we drove to Buc-ee’s, ┬áturned left twice and we were there. I found rock star parking right across the street from the venue and we were in. The dance hall filled up for Junior, so we sat outside in the side yard where there were picnic tables and benches to sit at. After a few songs, a bunch of people left, so we made our way inside, stood for a few songs, and sat down when space opened up. The sound wasn’t crisp, but the show was still entertaining and worth the money. One problem with seeing an artist like Junior is that he has a large body of songs I like and he can’t possibly play all my favorites. I did notice a plethora of beautiful Texas ladies in sundresses and cowboy boots, but none as pretty as my Marie. By 0100 we were back in the cozy confines of Casa De Bago.

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