Not Sour Grapes

Sometimes on Facebook, one is asked in their feed if they want to friend someone they might know. Three times, The Plaintiff has shown up in Marie’s feed as someone she may know. I guess The Plaintiff took a new picture, because she looks awful. Her face is all drawn in and the makeup doesn’t cover how sick she looks. The drugs look to be taking their toll. It turns out she did me a favor by dumping me. I was sad my marriage to The Plaintiff ended, but I’m much better off with Marie than I was with The Plaintiff.  I’m pissed that The Plaintiff lied to me about her commitment to me, and I’m pissed she didn’t have it in her to tell me the truth that she didn’t love me anymore.  So, I’m not upset that she looks so bad. She has earned a long painful decline into misery.

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