Marie And Joe Flying The Teal


Marie did not wear her Teal tonight, as she wanted to root for the Rampage. I went to the team store and they had sweaters (jerseys) that fit me, not as baggy as my 4x Sharks sweater. I pulled two off the shelf and checked the price. $329 per sweater. Holy Shit! My Sharks sweater was 1/3rd the price on Amazon. No sweaters purchased today.
I did talk with the Rampage season ticket people during the game. Marie and I have talked about wintering in San Antonio next winter and buying season tickets for the Rampage. We can buy the seats we had tonight for a thousand dollars a pair. The idea intrigues us, in fact we’re swinging by the KOA in San Antonio to check the prices and the campground. It is close to AT&T Center and the freeways. The Barracuda return in April for a single Wednesday night tilt, then Iowa comes in for Friday and Saturday nights. I think the tentative plan is to come to San Antonio for a week to see if it works for us. If it does, we’ll pull the trigger on everything and make it happen.

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