Let’s Try This Again

George told me that the clip wouldn’t play due to copyright issues in the background music on one of the clips. Today I found the offending music and I dubbed over it. The clip should work now.

One thought on “Let’s Try This Again”

  1. By simply arriving in Jiggs, Nevada, do you assume the role of mayor by default? Jiggs looked completely abandoned, except for the flies.

    Nice overdub to resolve the copyright issue. In later parts of the clip you can still hear some music from the radio, and although YouTube’s software didn’t raise an issue with those songs, those bits of music could be an issue down the road if someone watches and complains. Not likely to happen, but not impossible.

    If you want to play it as safe as possible, you might get in the habit of turning off all audio entertainment just before you turn on your camera. Then turn your music back on when you turn the camera off. That way you’ll never have any copyright issues.

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