All I Ask For Is Evidence


That’s what I tell the Christians who engage me in discussion. I tell them that the Bible is a book of fanciful stories and not evidence. They have no fall back answer. Besides, I don’t like what the Bible approves of. Things like virginal rape to secure a wife, owning humans, not eating yummy shrimp and the persecution of LGBT people.

Where is your evidence?

NFL Screws Raiders

I think the plan all along was for the Rams and Chargers to share the new Inglewood stadium. The league still has it for the Davis family. I think the owners have a long memory and the court cases from over 30 years ago have finally caught up with the Davis family.

I also think that in California, the public subsidy of professional sports is starting to turn. I have no problem with cities/counties/states building a multi-use building for events, including professional sports. But I think the taxpaying public should vote on things like this. And, if it can’t at least break even, then that should be noted as well. The idea of taxpayer dollars going directly into sports teams is appalling to me. I’m proud of Mayor Schaaf of Oakland for being as blunt as she could be when she said no taxpayer dollars toward a stadium.

I was hoping for a Raiders move to LA. That way the games wouldn’t be blacked out on Sunday Ticket. They’re blacked out because my last address given to DirecTV was in Oakland, so I can watch the A’s, Sharks and Warriors as local channels.

There’s nobody lining up to give Mark Davis a billion dollar stadium, so I think he’s painted himself into a corner. We’ll see how this plays out.

The Y Misrepresented

The pool at the Y closes this week. When Marie signed up last month, there was no mention of the pool closing anytime soon. The staff was silent as Marie gushed about how happy she was to use the pool and still the staff was silent.

Now we come to find that there’s been a deal made for the Y members to use the pool at Citizens Health. But, the only pool time we get is the three Water Zumba classes that we take, then the two on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. That’s it. No lap swimming, no other classes, no nothing. And, sadly, we can’t take the classes at Citizens for free as a Y member.

What’s worse is that nobody seems to know what’s going on. The staff at the Y are clueless. Marie is pissed. We guess from the info from Citizens is that the classes start for us on Monday. So, for us there’s no real damage. The classes we want are still available, and we still have full use of the Y facilities, even though we don’t use them. The damage is in the way we were treated by the staff at the Y. They all knew the pool was closing and they lied by omission. For a place with Jesus in the waiting room, this is pretty shabby.