I Watched The Film Today

When The Plaintiff and I first met my step mom Beverly,  she gave me a box with pictures and film of my birthfather and me, with my mom and other family members. We moved to the Bay Area in July 1965, so this is film from 1961-63. I forgot the box in Fremont when I went full time, and my mom took the 8mm movies and had them professionally put on to DVD.  I can’t quite explain why I put off watching the DVD’s until today, but so be it. I’ve had a sudden burst of clarity lately, and once my portable DVD Player came, it was time. It was interesting seeing the film. My birthfather Joe was very proud of me, and there’s a shot of my grandmother smothering me with kisses. My mom was a stunner back in the day, I didn’t get any of it. I was a beautiful baby with chubby cheeks and curly locks. The old cars were pretty cool as well. And that’s where it sits. My uncle lives in Houston, and I think we need to watch parts of it together, after all, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard.

Ive Been Here Where This Was Taken


This was taken at the Avi in Laughlin NV. The Avi abuts the Colorado River and the owners, the Ft Mohave Tribe, dug a lagoon right out of the riverbank.  This is Marie’s favorite place to stay. She loves the lagoon and beach area. There doesn’t seem to be as many kids at the Avi than at the upstream casinos. The last time I stayed at Harrah’s the place was infested with ankle biters.