US-50 In Dublin Grade


Here’s the first real improvement to the Dublin Grade. In the early 70’s, there were two roadways on the hill above the old highway, one for each direction. Then, right about the time I started to drive, the current freeway configuration was built, at least to Palmolares Rd. Then the final connection was built so it was 4 lanes each way from Castro Valley to Dublin.

Too Much Ozzy

I’ve been subscribing to Sirius for a few years now. Marie listens to the 80’s channel and I listen to the hard rock/heavy metal station that is Ozzy’s Boneyard. Bluntly, they play the same songs over and over, and they play way too much Ozzy. They play a lot of Rush and G&R, but the Ozzy is at least every hour. One bright spot is they play more Bon Scott AC/DC than Brian Johnson AC/DC. The songs they do play are mostly kick ass songs so even though I think Sirius can do a better job, it beats any radio station hands down. And, being able to listen to the Warriors on the way home from hockey, or the A’s when we’re out for a drive is top dollar.