Altered Plans

Marie and I have spent the last two weeks driving back and forth to Colorado Springs. I needed to refresh my cannabis supply, and we extended a few days to watch last week’s Raiders victory on national TV over Denver with Big James and Sean. I had a 3 day migraine while there, so we didn’t go out picture taking. Last Monday we headed home and we took our time. I thought I wanted to spend the weekend in Reno, so that’s what we did. Sadly in Elko, I got some kind of bug and I promptly threw up in the hotel room the morning get we left. Of course I’m too sick to drive far, so Marie took over. We got to Reno and I threw up again all over myself in the car. I’m not talking spit up, but full blown power vomiting. I managed to shower and climb into bed, where the uncontrollable diarrhea started. I had to have housekeeping change out all the bedding, they used gloves and masks, putting the soiled bedding in separate bags. This was last Thursday. Finally by Saturday, the anti-diarrhea pills took effect and yesterday I was able to keep food in me. Marie drove home and today I’m feeling a bit better. Breakfast was extra delicious today. While in Reno I wanted to get my Sandra tattoo fixed and go to the car museum. Well, none of this happened. Maybe next time.

And Just Like That….

the trip is done. Monday we took the Chunnel to London. The Paris taxi driver was pretty caustic, when a gal walked right in front of us he said, “out of a million people, what’s one less,” and ge made sure to tell us that the Gypsies would welcome us to the train station by picking our pockets. Then, he wanted to charge me double because my bag was heavy. What a ballbuster! Once we got to our hotel near Heathrow, we rested for an early flight home. Tuesday morning we made our flight, which was uneventful. Our ride home was right on time and Marie and Chico were waiting for me with food from Jasmine. We tried to eat in the park, but the yellowjackets drove us away. Finally, I was home in bed, exhausted from our adventure. My sleep is still out of kilter as I’m wide awake on Paris time. This will be the last post for the trip, unless there’s something I remember later.