Grave Creek Covered Bridge

The three of us went for a short car ride today. The dash cam failed, in fact both dash cams failed today. Neither one would record, they’re stuck in pause. I’ve had issues with the Wheel Witness since I bought them. I put in a help ticket, but I’m not expecting much, so I went ahead and bought a different brand cam, one that rated high with Consumers Report. I won’t have it in time for our drive to the coast, but once there it should arrive at my step mom’s place in Coos Bay. Every single electronic item I have gives me trouble. I must be touched.

On The Road Again

Yep, this morning we broke camp, topped off the propane, bought ice and post cards, put in $90 worth of gas, bought corn dogs, water, and two cuppas of DMD, then left Flag City heading west. Our drive was about a half hour, and we were setting up camp at Sandy Beach Park in Rio Vista. Sandy Beach is the first campground I ever overnighted in. And, after Marie and I started hanging out again, we spent Thanksgiving week here. Chico the Dog and I have camped here a bit as well. So, there’s good memories here. We got the last spot with a good view of the river, site 3. I’ll take a couple of pics with my Canon of camp and such within a day or two.

At The Ballpark

Yesterday, Marie and I went to the ballpark in Sockton to watch our beloved Ports play the hated San Jose Giants. We managed 6 innings before we both felt heat beat and it was time to go. I tried out my new bag, posse box and windup/solar radio. I noticed the broadcast is delayed about 5 seconds. This can be irritating, but I like listening to the ballgame while actually at the ballgame. The Giants had their leadoff hitter hit the third pitch over the left field fence and that was the only scoring when we were there. San Jose scored 4 in the 9th to make the final score 5-0. Even though we left after 6 innings, I’m glad we went to the ballpark.