Feeling Miserable

I woke up about 0445 and a migraine is hard at work. I took something for it. While I’m awake, I decided to delete all pics posted before yesterday. I got all the posts to show pics on my primary tablet, but Dan W answered my Facebook plea and told me he couldn’t see pics before yesterday. Biting the bullet, well, we’ll post the pics one more time before I really get pissed.

This Mess Is Partially Fixed

I spent most of today working on the blog. I messaged back and forth with the WordPress help desk, and I ended up calling my host’s help desk. Go Daddy was helpful and understood my main issue, that being the disappearance of pics from posts. On my main tablet, all the pics show up. On my backup tablet, still only some pictures show up. I think I’ve had just about enough of this nonsense for the day.