We Had A Car Ride Planned For Today

I fell back asleep about 0800 or so. I skipped the Y today, though Marie still went. In fact she was the only one there. Anyway, I woke up when she got home and she fixed us a nice breakfast. That, coffee, and a little more Rx seems to be helping. This is the kind of day that I would have gone ahead and went to work. Since I’ve been retired, there’s no pressure to get up and do anything. So, with Marie’s encouragement, we’re not going anywhere. Monday will be our car ride day. I want to go to Buc-ee’s and buy a soft sided cooler. Buc-ee’s sells the $300 Yeti bag, which is supposed to be the top of the line cooler bag. They also sell a $70 bag with cammo and the Buc-ee’s logo embroidered on the flap. That may be good enough for our needs.

Maybe This Will Do It

While waiting for the migraine drugs to take effect, I re-posted all the pics to the blog, with text. I was told by the help desk that I now should be good to go, and not have the broken links issues any more. I checked on my other tablet and every post is as it should be. But it did this last time, and the posts only lasted a day or two before the same issue rose its ugly head.

Not Our New Car


For a while now, I’ve noticed the Malibu shifting not quite right. It was subtle, in fact Marie didn’t notice it at all. The other day when coming back from the Y, the 1-2 solenoid sent the signal and the check engine light came on. Marie took it to the dealer and it was $1100 to fix the issue. Or, for $3600, we could have a brand new out of the crate transmission put in. The car has 178k on the clock and is in good shape. The upholstery is not torn and there’s no cracks in the dash. The engine runs good and still has plenty of pep. So, we decided to keep the car and put in a brand new transmission. This Escape is our rental car for the week while the repairs are finished.