… we had errands to run. The cotter pin in the hitch had partially come out, and I bought a new locking one. Marie and I had planned on addressing the trailer tomorrow, but I think we will do all that on Thursday. Next was Lowe’s,  where I wanted a back brace for my back, that has been in spasm for almost three weeks. While in Lowe’s,  my back was in such spasm that I was on my knees right in the aisle, teary eyed in pain. I was asked if I needed a medical response, of which I politely declined. I hobbled out to the car while one of the employees, Bob, pushed my cart with my storage bins to our car. I put the back brace on right away and we then drove across the lot to Hy-Vee for a few groceries. My back felt marginally better, so we went to the post office in Smithville to mail some stuff. I could barely walk in and so after the post office and a stop at QT for a cuppa refill, I decided to drive to the ER in Smithville. There was no other patients there, and I got served right away. X-rays were taken and a urine sample given. I had this exact pain the first couple of weeks we hit the road in 2014. The x-rays showed arthritis in my back, but no slipped disc or anything. The urine test came back normal, and the doctor didn’t think it was kidney stones, which is what I think is the cause. My mom said that the arthritis could easily be causing the back pain. I took a double dose of Toridol in the butt, but Toridol never does anything for me. I got a pain rx and a rx for Flexeril. I’ll have Marie fill that in the morning, as I had enough rx in the coach to last the night. Besides, Marie is ill with the flu, so we all needed to go home and watch the Sharks game. As I type this, Chico is sleeping off the sedation, Marie is coughing less, and my rx is taking effect. We could never go on the road without health insurance and this is exactly why. Our HMO has offices in Colorado Springs,  and we both are going to see the doctor.

Chico Took 9 Stitches Today


Chico’s rabies shot came due, so we took him to the vet in Liberty that my sister in law takes her Maverick to. He’s had a cyst on his rump for a couple of years, when it first appeared his regular vet wasn’t too concerned about it. Time passes, and when the cyst started changing color, it was time for action. Our new vet was very concerned about it, and she took a sample to examine under a microscope. She recommended putting Chico under, and removing the cyst. She also noticed Chico needed a good teeth cleaning, which is best done while Chico is unconscious. It turned out to be the right call, as the cyst was about to burst. Marie picked Chico up when he was awake, but still groggy from the sedation. As I type this, my beloved Chico is sleeping in Marie’s lap. It cost about $625, money well spent.