Republican Nonsense

It kills me that the Republican pieces of shit running for POTUS are pushing for President Obama to not fulfill his Constitutional duty and nominate for the open SCOTUS position. Of course when it was a Republican president at the end of his term, that piece of shit Mitch McConnell was all for the President choosing the next justice. I guess the Republicans want President Sanders to nominate the next justice.

Here’s The Nicer One

I took film in this one and forgot to take pictures. When I went back the coach was full of people, negating the picture opportunity. This one had a king bed and was really nice inside. Even the garage had a half bath. And two queen beds that came down from the ceiling. The boondocking capability of this coach was top notch. Both of us really liked this one. What we really like is that the ramp to the garage turns into a patio. How awesome is that!