A Busy Day

Yesterday, my RV guy Bill came by first thing in the morning to service the coach. He had ordered the wrong power step, so that didn’t get done. I also had asked him to order me a new door lock and a thermostat.  Didn’t get done either.  Bill did service my fridge and water heater, and replaced my smoke and LP detectors so it wasn’t a total loss. This matters because the thermostat failed yesterday once we got to San Antonio. First, the A/C wouldn’t come on at all, then it would cycle off and on repeatedly, overheating the compressor and causing the breaker to trip. It was a hot and uncomfortable night, both Marie and I slept fitfully. I found a guy to come out and once I sent him a picture of the old thermostat, Cody was on the case. He came out and for a $100 service call and a half hour labor, the thermostat was replaced. Finally, the blessed cold air came on and both Marie and I were happy. It was fortunate we were just starting our summer drive and we were still in civilization.  This is why I wanted it done before leaving Goliad County. We have a Tuesday appointment at Billy Bob’s to get the generator serviced, the engine oil changed and chassis lubed, and replace and refill the cooling hoses and serpentine belt. I’m still paying off last year’s work, the 6 tires were not cheap. Oh, and I want to get the shocks replaced.

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