Yesterday’s Fiasco

We were so low on propane yesterday,  the gauge was resting on E. Time to fire up the coach, drive it a bit and refill the propane.  We break down camp and the coach won’t start due to a dead battery. The coach battery boost was dead as well, I had forgotten the coach batteries are not sealed, but need distilled water. While Marie was driving into town for water, the park maintenance guy came with a jumper box, but eventually that was a failure. Filling the coach batteries gave just enough juice to start the coach.  Huzzah! Marie and Chico climbed in and we went for a freeway drive to almost Sacramento and back.  Lining up at the Flying J for propane,  we were next in line, so I shut the engine off as to not fume out the propane guy.  Well shit, it wouldn’t start right up. I started the generator and waited to charge the coach batteries. Finally, the coach started and I pulled up to the dispenser.  I have a 12 gallon tank and you can only fill it 80%, allowing room for expansion. Somehow, it took 11.9 gallons,  go figure. I restarted the generator and we waited a while without success. I called AAA to bring out a new battery, and that motivated the coach to start. I need gas, but not today. Once the coach started, we headed across the highway to camp. While Marie was setting up the inside, I hooked up the water, power and sewer, then I snuck over to Arby’s for dinner. Finally, we are all set up except for the DIRECTV. The HDMI cable had moved one micron, and it took a 20 minute phone call to the Philippines for resolution. Trust me, I was extremely irritated by this point, but finally the tv was working, I had food and we were full of propane. Still, what a fucked up day.