I Tried The Dining Car For Dinner

Due to the delay, I went ahead and ate dinner in the dining car. I was seated with a husband, wife and teen aged daughter. They were very personable and I enjoyed my dinner companion’s company. While back in my seat, the boss conductor came by and asked if I was smoking. There’s no smoking on the train and the crew is pretty serious about it. I assured her that I don’t smoke and it wasn’t me.

Now On The Right Side Of The Coach

This was our view for 3 hours as we sat and waited for a boulder to be cleared from the track. At first we had 4g service, but the dispatcher had us move to another siding with no service. This decision irritated most all of us as we were stuck twiddling our thumbs for 3 hours. I managed a refreshing nap while waiting. The Zephyr 5 (we’re Zephyr 6) heading westbound was delayed on the other side of the boulder. Finally, we were back on the road. Again, I was on the wrong side of the coach as I didn’t get to see the offending boulder.

Waiting For The Train

I had the bright idea to visit my step brother and godson in Colorado Springs to watch the Raiders play the Broncos. We aren’t going to the game, but we will watch on tv. I priced flights to Denver and they were $700+. The flights straight to Colorado Springs were $300 more. I was disappointed and wasn’t going to go. In my feed one day was something about Amtrak. The California Zephyr goes from Sacramento to Denver. It was $440, which was still high. I made the reservations anyway. I had to change days for a funeral, and the Friday to Friday saved me $100 from the Wednesday to Wednesday trip I had originally planned on. ┬áSo, I’m on the train as I post.