I Never Thought I Would See The Day

In Colorado Springs, you must have a medical card to purchase cannabis. However, in the adjoining town of Manitou Springs, retail sales are alive and well. And we certainly did partake in the retail purchase of said cannabis. It was awesome. I bought some edibles and a couple of coffee cups. Maggie’s checked our ID three separate times, once when we got out entrance ticket, once inside being helped by James’ girl pal Nicole, and once when the cash exchanged hands. Maggie’s was run professionally, with kind and motivated people ready to educate a newbie on what to buy. It was a life memorable event. We went to Denver yesterday, and I bought more edibles for Marie, and some awesome shatter for myself. The shatter is lab created and is 67% pure THC. The cannabis you can buy in Colorado is not your father’s joint. I always got a headache when I smoked in high school, but the purer the cannabis, the less headache I get. Most of the time, since I’ve gone to vaping, there’s no headache at all. Cannabis should be legal, period.

Today’s Clip Of Colorado Springs

We made our way to Big James’ house, where we all piled into his new Dodge Ram Truck. He took us in a roundabout way to Maggie’s. Maggie’s is a retail cannabis seller. It was as difficult as a pharmacy if you had to show ID a couple of times. One of the absolute highlights of my life. I never thought this day would ever come, legal, retail pot. As we exited the shop, we saw it had hailed up a storm with pea sized hail. While on our way home, we noticed it had hailed at least an inch in some spots. At the same time, the temp dropped to just above freezing, and the plow had not made an appearance. No problem, a push of the 4wd button and we were in like Flynn. Marie and I decided to head straight back to camp, unsure of the weather. Within 10 minutes, the slush had ended and it was a nice drive back to camp.