Still Not Drinking Milkshakes


The other day, Marie made root beer floats with diet root beer and no sugar added ice cream. It was pretty good. She also bought a couple of pie crusts for some homemade pie. I bought her a cast iron Dutch oven and she dug up my crock pot. A quick visit to Amazon and new cookbooks arrive within a few days. One of the books is a Splenda based pie and cake cookbook. I would never be critical of Marie’s cooking, but I’m happy she’s mixing things up a little bit.

Sparky Is A Badass


That large wound on Sparky’s back is from when lightning hit him. And he lived! What a bad ass!

When I made my first drive to Kansas, back in the Times of Trouble, my step brother Charlie was a deputy for Comanche County.  We drove to the next county over for a meeting about lightning. I met an old farmer who was actually hit by lightning and he too survived.