Coach Shopping And Breakfast

My step sister Teresa lives in Texas with her husband Chris. We met this morning and ate at Cracker Barrel.  I looked on Google maps and found the place on the map. Funny thing, we follow the directions and there’s no Cracker Barrel anywhere. Teresa finally calls and tells me we’re nowhere close.  Goddamn modern technology.  Finally, we find the ramp and then the restaurant.  Breakfast was good and the company was outstanding. We talked about a number of different things, and we spoke of my birthfather Joe. My God, I’m just like him.

After breakfast we went back to camp for a minute, then we drove north on I-35 to the Camping World between San Antonio and Austin. Marie and I have been talking about when we upgrade, and I think we found our winner. Thor makes a gas Class A toy hauler that I really like, the Outlaw 37RB. Camping World didn’t have any, but when we got home we looked online and found a few. There’s a dealer on I-35W just after the I-35 split outside of the DFW Metroplex. A week from Monday we will be driving that way on our way to Smithville, so we may make a stop. The 37RB has a garage with patio, sleeps 8, has a loft that we would use as storage and a whole host of goodies that we fell in love with. I can’t wait to take a peek. The Camping World in Boulder CO has a couple of used ones to look at. I crunched numbers and a $100k loan over 15 years is almost $800 a month. We can’t afford that until Marie gets on Social Security in 2.5 years. So, that’s what we are waiting for.

Not Sour Grapes

Sometimes on Facebook, one is asked in their feed if they want to friend someone they might know. Three times, The Plaintiff has shown up in Marie’s feed as someone she may know. I guess The Plaintiff took a new picture, because she looks awful. Her face is all drawn in and the makeup doesn’t cover how sick she looks. The drugs look to be taking their toll. It turns out she did me a favor by dumping me. I was sad my marriage to The Plaintiff ended, but I’m much better off with Marie than I was with The Plaintiff.  I’m pissed that The Plaintiff lied to me about her commitment to me, and I’m pissed she didn’t have it in her to tell me the truth that she didn’t love me anymore.  So, I’m not upset that she looks so bad. She has earned a long painful decline into misery.

Weather Doings

Yesterday the weather on our drive was all overcast. 80° and 80%. I listened to the A’s lose to the Tigers and we stopped at Buc-ee’s for supplies. The boxers are now black with Buc-ee’s picture as the print design. They look cool, so I bought all 5 XXL’s. It rained a touch on I-10 a bit but that was it. It was a warm, humid night and we really did suffer without the A/C. Today it was more of the same, until the big front moved through tonight. We just missed getting hammered with hail and damaging winds. The weather warnings were sounding on our phones for a while. Right now, all is calm and tomorrow should be a stellar day.

A Busy Day

Yesterday, my RV guy Bill came by first thing in the morning to service the coach. He had ordered the wrong power step, so that didn’t get done. I also had asked him to order me a new door lock and a thermostat.  Didn’t get done either.  Bill did service my fridge and water heater, and replaced my smoke and LP detectors so it wasn’t a total loss. This matters because the thermostat failed yesterday once we got to San Antonio. First, the A/C wouldn’t come on at all, then it would cycle off and on repeatedly, overheating the compressor and causing the breaker to trip. It was a hot and uncomfortable night, both Marie and I slept fitfully. I found a guy to come out and once I sent him a picture of the old thermostat, Cody was on the case. He came out and for a $100 service call and a half hour labor, the thermostat was replaced. Finally, the blessed cold air came on and both Marie and I were happy. It was fortunate we were just starting our summer drive and we were still in civilization.  This is why I wanted it done before leaving Goliad County. We have a Tuesday appointment at Billy Bob’s to get the generator serviced, the engine oil changed and chassis lubed, and replace and refill the cooling hoses and serpentine belt. I’m still paying off last year’s work, the 6 tires were not cheap. Oh, and I want to get the shocks replaced.