Marie And Joe Flying The Teal


Marie did not wear her Teal tonight, as she wanted to root for the Rampage. I went to the team store and they had sweaters (jerseys) that fit me, not as baggy as my 4x Sharks sweater. I pulled two off the shelf and checked the price. $329 per sweater. Holy Shit! My Sharks sweater was 1/3rd the price on Amazon. No sweaters purchased today.
I did talk with the Rampage season ticket people during the game. Marie and I have talked about wintering in San Antonio next winter and buying season tickets for the Rampage. We can buy the seats we had tonight for a thousand dollars a pair. The idea intrigues us, in fact we’re swinging by the KOA in San Antonio to check the prices and the campground. It is close to AT&T Center and the freeways. The Barracuda return in April for a single Wednesday night tilt, then Iowa comes in for Friday and Saturday nights. I think the tentative plan is to come to San Antonio for a week to see if it works for us. If it does, we’ll pull the trigger on everything and make it happen.

Empty Ice


This week, the AT&T Center had events Marie and I were interested in three nights in a row. Recall that Thursday was the Globetrotters, and yesterday and today was Rampage hockey against the San José Barracuda, who, yes, are the top farm team for our beloved Sharks.
Last night the Rampage scored two goals and held on for a 2-1 victory. Tonight, the Barracuda returned the favor, coming back from a 2-0 deficit to win 4-3.

Globetrotters Huddle

Once I figured out this was not a basketball game, but an exhibition more like pro wrestling, it was easier to be entertained. I enjoyed the event, but once pretty much sums it up. Marie however, loved it and she was thoroughly entertained. She would love to go and see them again.
I do wonder how well the Globetrotters would pay in a honest basketball game against a real opponent. In 1954 the Globetrotters played the Minneapolis Lakers and the Trotters won on the last shot. Of course the NBA was still pretty segregated and black players had no other outlet to play at the highest levels. Now, I think the Trotters talent is not what it used to be. Mind you, the players can shoot the three and they leap like nobodies business, but certainly their rounded skill set is not being shown.

Back To San Antonio

It’s about 0615 and I’ve been awake for over an hour. My head hurts and I’ve taken something for it. One thing about being middle aged is that you no longer sleep through the night. Getting up to pee can ruin your sleep rhythm, as it did to me last night. Odds are that our morning plans are changing. I don’t think I’m going to class this morning. Marie will go and then she’ll come back and get me before we three leave for our weekend.