What A Waste Of A Day

When I went to this blog on my new tablet, the admin features were off. I spent the last 5 hours fucking around with help desks and such. I even went to a pay site for help and pfffft. Somehow, and I’m not quite sure how, the user name and password suddenly worked. Beasts the hell out of me. We are going to San Antonio for New Years and there will be plenty of time to take pictures. So, it was important to resolve this issue. My Surface tablet has given up the ghost for now. At least I’m calm now.

A Seafood Dinner


This place advertises on the local news. We saw the ad last year but never made it by. Same with Ventura’s. Anyway, they weren’t busy so we went in, sat down, ordered, and this is what the staff delivered. And it was delicious. Marie had the shrimp salad and I had grilled catfish with three jumbo shrimp. We were not disappointed. And, the iced tea came in a big tumbler. Who hoo!

I Sucked It Up And Spent The Money


I’ve lusted after one of these Yeti cooler bags for as while now. When we first crossed into Texas and stopped at Buc-ee’s, the store on I-10 had the bags. They’re supposed to be the absolute best cooler bag ever.

By the time we got to Buc-ee’s in Wharton, it was time for a pit stop. Marie and I went in and compared the Yeti to the cheaper brand. You can tell the Yeti is just so superior in every way. We discussed it, came to agreement, and bought the Yeti. And, of course a BBQ brisket sandwich with a fresh refill of my cuppa. 

I also bought an 8# bag of ice and then went across the street to Wally’s for a couple of fizzy waters and three apples. Put it all in the Yeti and the challenge is on!