Dinner At The Habit

I’ve heard about The Habit from my dad and others on Facebook. There’s one in Stockton in the next lot over from In N Out on March Ln. Marie ordered a teriyaki burger with onion rings. She pronounced them both delicious. I had the BBQ bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. I added a second patty which they forgot. I noticed that only after I had eaten half of the burger, which was tasty. I think I like 5 Guys better and In N Out always will be special. When I asked Marie if she liked In N Out better, she said that they didn’t have a teriyaki burger. Since I believe in the adage “Happy Wife Happy Life” I suspect we will be making a Habit of it.

Wednesday Night Hockey

There’s hardly a soul at tonight’s Heat game. The crowd reminds me of a Ports Billy Hebert crowd. I’ve never thought of Stockton as a big sports town, though the hockey usually draws better than this. The Heat look much better tonight against the Texas Stars. They’re the Dallas Stars top farm team and they play in Austin. Long time readers may remember Marie and I attending a few games in the Austin area. Anyway, ┬áthe Heat scored three unanswered goals to go up 3-0 after one.